Comments from Our Marines and Sailors


The following are some of the thanks we have received from Marines we have helped. These Marines stories are what creates our community, and gives us purpose.

"I wanted to thank all the members of the Foundation for supporting me as a Marine, even though I was not part of the 3/25. This grant means the world to my family and I to make it possible for me to have a roll in shower and handicap accessible bathroom. Thanks for all your support."

"Upon returning from my deployment in Iraq, I experienced some family problems that required immediate financial assistance. The Three-Deuce-Five Foundation was informed of these issues and the problems this was creating for me and contacted me immediately to understand the situation and give support in whatever way possible. The Three-Deuce-Five Foundation was there in my time of need and I am greatly appreciative for their responsiveness and timely support."

"My mother passed away. There were many bills and family matters that were left for me to take care of. I managed to take care of all the expenses with the funeral and the assisted living and other expenses. But in doing so I fell behind on some of my own bills. I was able to sit down with the Foundation within two days of contacting them."

"The Foundation sent a representative to my job to talk with me, which was a good thing for me. We talked about what I needed to get back on track and I was given some options to help me and my family. And within a week the Foundation contacted me and told me they would be able to help me ina way that I would have never thought. They helped me take care of two major bills so I could take care of all the other bills and not get off track. Thank you for that."

"I was amazed in the timeliness of the Foundation contacting me and also that there was no red tape in getting things done. And the feeling that they really cared about my family and the situation we were in was without a doubt the best experience."