Helping Heroes in Need

Marines are a different breed: tough, fierce and loyal. Nobody is better on the battlefield, but we recognize that a Marine's challenges don't end when he or she returns from active duty.

We Take Care of Our Own

Our mission is simple: To honor the service of all Marines to our nation, and to do our part on the home front. The Three-Deuce-Five Marine Foundation was founded to provide support to the Marines, the Sailors who serve with them, and their families.

After their return, we help them to readjust to civilian life. Even for war veterans who were not physically wounded, this adjustment is not without difficulties. There are gaps and delays in Veteran Administration benefits and other social services which the foundation attempts to fill.

The sacrifices that the men and women of the Marines are making deserve the unwavering gratitude and support of those of us on the home front. Help us help our brave ones. From Iwo Jima to Iraq and Afghanistan, they have always been faithful.